Free Special Centres and Free Engraving

Free special centres are included on all of our trophies and medals, we do not charge set up or for the centres themselves.

We believe, without this level of personalisation, your trophy simply isn't complete.

All you need to do is place your order, then email your order number and the design you would like us to use for your centres directly to Marc, the boss, he will then personally oversee the production of your special centres.

Email all artwork to, as an experienced graphics designer he will be able to OK your centre graphics quickly and get it sent directly to our in house production team. And if there is an issue, he will get straight back to you to work out the best way of fixing it.

Free flat plate engraving on all trophies

All of our trophies include free flat plate engraving, on metal plates, fitted to your trophies.

There is a lime of 50 letters, but very few people need more.

If you are well prepared and ordering well in advance of you event, or have a large number of changes that you would rather put in a spreadsheet then no problem, just put TBC in the engraving box and email the list to Marc so he can make sure everything is matched up accurately before going to production. 

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